“President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List”

Source: President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List – The New York Times

Brave work by Dave Leonhardt and Stuart Thompson.

Why brave? Well, if you haven’t already read it–the whole thing–do, and you’ll see why this compilation took an act of courage.

Yeah, we all know about Trump’s lies. Every day, every day. But by putting them all on a time line covering his, ugh, I have to write this, must do it in quotes, “presidency,” the mindless repetition of the same lies, the cumulative, breathtaking horror of it all is really a horror to the human system.

As David Remnick, the editor of the New Yorker, wrote of Trump when all this began: “The mouth moves and the lies pour forth.” The same lies, over and over and over…

If I could, I’d send these guys something, I don’t know, maybe a couple of bottles of Calvados–which once gave me the happiest drunk I’ve ever had.

That’s what they need, Calvados, a happy drunk. And that’s what you must have near you after you read this.

P.S. Forgot to emphasize the reason this list is so damn powerful is because it’s a time line. And time lines…well…

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How one plaintiff has been our hero in the voter suppression wars

Source: Ruthelle Frank, ACLU Plaintiff, Friend, and Voting Rights Champion, Passes Away at 89.

Ruthelle Frank had all the qualifications to be a heroic plaintiff.

She was righteously aggrieved and did something about it.

She persisted, did not get discouraged by setbacks.

She found a great legal team.

She had patience, because she knew she was right.

This portrait by the ACLU (her great legal team) is both a portrait of a remarkable woman–a hero for every voter–and of a civil rights lawsuit.

Ruthelle Frank is a model for all righteous plaintiffs.

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The spy who came in–with undeclared cash

Source: Former State Department Security Officer Accused of Spying for China – The New York Times

I read this article and shook my head in wonder. Things to note:

  • Fictional spies are so much better at their jobs than real (alleged) ones.
  • I deplore this new deal of spies committing some form of treason for hard cash. What has happened to idealism in this world we live in? Shouldn’t this guy be a Maoist?
  • Real (alleged) spies are so disappointingly dumb. To wit, this, found by the FBI on a “communications device” possessed by this (alleged) spy: “Your object is to gain information, and my object is to be paid for.”
  • Re above: what ever happened to elaborate codes and drop protocols and stuff? Ref: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
  • Kudus to–prepare to be shocked–Customs and Border Protection! Who noticed the over $16,000 in undeclared cash in this dopey (alleged) spy’s luggage. THIS is what CBP should be doing instead of stopping immigrants from entering the country.


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