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Bit of good judicial news: 2nd Circuit protects NYS environment

Second Circuit Upholds DEC Decision to Reject Gas Pipeline Josefa Velasquez, New York Law Journal August 18, 2017    | A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a lawsuit by owners of the natural-gas Constitution Pipeline challenging the state’s decision last … Continue reading

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How to serve a (cowardly) Nazi with a lawsuit

When nail ‘n’ mail doesn’t work. Because you can’t find a doorway upon which to nail it. Definition of Nail and mail–Nail and mail service is the posting of the notice on the person’s home and then mailing him a … Continue reading

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“How to Make Fun of Nazis”

Source: How to Make Fun of Nazis – The New York Times Loved this opinion piece by Moises Velasquez-Manoff in today’s New York Times, and not because it expanded upon my own views about violent and non-violent protest. Well, maybe … Continue reading

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