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Paths crossed…with Greta Garbo

Source: Greta Garbo‚Äôs East Side Co-op Goes on the Market – The New York Times Did you take a look at Greta’s co-op? Maybe you’ve made an offer. No? I wouldn’t either, even if I could afford it. It sits … Continue reading

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If we are a nation of law, what do we do about a bad law?

I’m working on an article about a greatly heroic man whose act in saving thousands of desperate refugees and immigrants centered on defiance of one of his country’s laws. Actually not a law, but an executive order. I think of … Continue reading

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“This is not a puppy love”

Listening to an oldies radio station and here is Paul Anka singing, “This is not a puppy love.” No, I’m thinking, it could be statutory rape.

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