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The facts of life versus the enemy, i.e., fake news

Source: Trump’s Allies Are Taking Over the Media and Creating Their Own Reality: Is Anybody Paying Attention? So many things to be scared about lately. The political control of TV news–a major medium–is on top of my list. And this … Continue reading

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Does the winner in a lawsuit get his legal fees reimbursed by the loser?

In this case, yes. Source: Kentucky Must Pay $224,000 After Dispute Over Same-Sex Marriage Licenses – The New York Times Remember Kim Davis? No–you couldn’t have forgotten her! On the most abominably petty level, you (like me, confession) had to … Continue reading

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Why Trump won, in a couple of paragraphs

Today’s Charles Blow column has the answer in a couple of paragraphs: Trump was simply a megaphone for the primal screams of Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton haters flipping out over the cultural anxiety accompanying the ascension of women and minorities. He … Continue reading

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