Rudy sez he had no role in Muslim travel ban?

Giuliani to Court: I Had No Role in Trump Travel Ban

Andrew Denney, New York Law Journal

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said in court papers filed Monday that he had no hand in crafting controversial executive orders from the Trump administration banning travel from Muslim-majority countries and that he has not served on a commission related to such orders.

Yeah, right.

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Overjoyed: SCOTUS comes up big (5-3) on voting rights!!!

Source: Breaking and Analysis: Supreme Court on 5-3 Vote Affirms NC Racial Gerrymandering Case, with Thomas in Majority and Roberts in Dissent | Election Law Blog (Rich Hasen)

Just when I was thinking the only big news today would be that, after reading this in the New York Times, I learned the method I was using to get rid of burnt pot residue was wrong.

The above link–to Rich Hasen’s blog–tells you everything you need to know about this monumental and thrilling decision, including the big surprise that Clarence Thomas voted with the majority. (Not enough !!! to emphasis that.)

Here’s Adam Liptak’s Times piece.

And below, a comment about Judge Alito’s dissent which–considering the series I’ve just been running on worst Supreme Court decisions ever–tickles my dark, satirical sense of humor. Because, as I bolded (darkly)…

Justice Alito, in his partial dissent for himself, the Chief Justice, and Justice Kennedy, is incensed at the decision, seeing it as inconsistent with the Court’s earlier decision in Easley v. Cromartie. He begins his dissent with: A precedent of this Court should not be treated like a disposable household item—say, a paper plate or napkin—to be used once and then tossed in the trash. But that is what the Court does today in its decision regarding NorthCarolina’s 12th Congressional District: The Court junks a rule adopted in a prior, remarkably similar challenge to this very same congressional district.”

Geez, so what are we supposed to do with all those rotten Supreme Court decisions? Keep them vital because they are precedents?

Alito’s bitterness demonstrates how far out in the surreal wilderness a Supreme Court justice can be. So let’s not revere these people. Let us mock them.

Later. Today, let us stand up and cheer. As Rich Hasen writes:

There is a lot of detail but here is my bottom line: This decision by Justice Kagan is a major victory for voting rights plaintiffs, who have succeeded in turning the racial gerrymandering cause of action into an effective tool to go after partisan gerrymanders in Southern states. That Justice Kagan got Justice Thomas not only to vote this way but to sign onto the opinion (giving it precedential value) is a really big deal.

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The best store in the world: Hammacher Schlemmer

A very quick post.

For many years I had twelve feet of LPs. After my ears got accustomed to listening to CDs, I decided to convert the records I actually listen to, to CDs. I bought a converter device. It was OK but had its flaws. Mostly, it didn’t stop by itself so I’d wind up leaping madly across the room to put the recording on pause. (My leaps were most likely entertaining to witness. I was entertained by doing them.)

Then I saw that Hammacher Schlemmer was selling a TEAC one-thing-does-all device. It plays cassettes, it is small, but is a turntable and plays records, it is a radio, a CD player and will convert anything to CDs. It probably makes coffee, too, although I haven’t gotten that far in the manual.

I bought it a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since.

Last week, I was doing my Rosenkavalier and had happily converted acts 1 and 2. Then I put the first act 3 side on. The record button did not light up in red, as it is wont to do. Uh-oh. It seemed to have lost its wont.

I tried the troubleshooting technique. No. Double uh-oh because, although the device plays all sorts of stuff, it has internal speakers that are not brilliant, so after I finished converting the records, I figured I’d get a CD player and good speakers to replace the device and did not want to buy a new one, since I have only a foot or so of records left to convert.

What to do? Well, call the place I bought it from. Which I did.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the most cheerful phone people. I explained to the lovely lady phone person what had happened, and said I thought I’d need their recommendation of a TEAC dealer to fix my thing.

“Well,” she said, “actually Hammacher Schlemmer has a life-time guarantee on anything we sell.”


My mouth dropped open. Nowadays that happens regularly, given the Horror, but never for something amazingly great.

I think I said, “Lifetime…guarantee?” Yes, she assured me. “Let me ask you, do you live anywhere near our store?”

Yes I do.

“Then,” she said, “just bring it in with your invoice, but if you don’t have the invoice, I can look up that number for you.”

I had the invoice.

“Aren’t you great!” she said.

Nah. I’m not great. Hammacher Schlemmer is great.

All I now need is a box and a cab.

Oh, and for you…


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