(How to ignore) The Facts of Life…in one stunning number

From 538 Significant Digits:

45 percent

Percentage of Trump voters who believed that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer during the election, which is very low given that Donald Trump Jr. personally tweeted out the emails detailing the planning of the meeting, discussed attending the meeting at length in an interview with Sean Hannity, and also that the president discussed the meeting which definitely happened, in print yesterday. [The Independent]

That’s the number, right up there. Forty-five percent. What on this earth can we do to lower this number?

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Two states enact good and meaningful laws. The DOJ? Not

In a way they’re small laws, local laws. But in a way they are, as one headline reads, huge steps forward toward righteous protections for individuals.

In the face of a federal government locked in a crazed demolition derby to destroy the essence of good governance, the states must come through to protect us. And Illinois and Washington are:

Source, the ACLU: Reform Is Finally Coming to Illinois’s Unjust Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

Here’s more on the municipal theft known as “forfeiture.”

Source: Washington gun control law is huge step forward for domestic violence victims

And then there’s Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. As states move forward, he spills back:

Source: Jeff Sessions Backs Civil-Asset Forfeiture to Bipartisan Criticism – The Atlantic

Department of Strange Bedfellows (from SCOTUSBlog with my emphasis, just so you don’t miss it):

At Reason’s Hit and Run blog, Damon Root observes that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent embrace of civil asset forfeiture puts Sessions “on a collision course with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas,” who recently stated in a statement respecting the denial of certiorari that the “legal justifications offered in defense of civil asset forfeiture … cannot be squared with the text of the Constitution.”

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The Facts of Life poke Milo Yiannopoulos in the eye

Publisher’s Marketplace reports on books, book deals and book sales.

They have it seems started a new sub-heading, “Real News (Sales)”,  for what seems to be the primary sly purpose of poking Milo Yiannopoulos in the eye. To wit:

Real News (Sales)
Last week Milo Yiannopoulos revised his “sales” account to say he had printed and shipped to accounts 105,000 copies of his self-published Dangerous, which to his mind is the same as selling through. Bookscan recorded actual sales to consumers of a little over 18,000 print books in the first week, including pre-orders, and today’s update shows sales falling to a little more than 10,600 units in second week.

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