4/23/16 global war on women: Harvard, Iran, KS State, GOP

From this week’s Harper’s Weekly Review:

An official of Harvard’s oldest all-male club wrote, in the club’s first public comment since 1791, that permitting women to join would increase the risk for sexual misconduct. “That decision is ours, not Harvard’s, to make,” he said.

Source, The Guardian: Iran bars female MP for ‘shaking hands with unrelated man’ |

Reformist politician Minoo Khaleghi denies the handshake, which would be illegal under country’s Islamic law

Source: Raped at Off-Campus Frat Houses, Students Say, and Ignored by College – The New York Times

Two Kansas State University students say the university, in apparent violation of federal guidelines, refused to investigate their rape complaints.

Source: GOP States Have Found A New Way To Shame Women For Getting An Abortion | ThinkProgress

In some cases, this would mean a woman who took an abortion pill a couple months into a pregnancy would be asked if she wanted a quarter-sized blot clot to be formally buried. She would then get a death certificate.

Source, DailyKos: MO legislator demands names of women who’ve had an abortion

Source, DailyKos: Witness blasts House fetal tissue panel for not demanding that video faker testify under oath

The forced-birther tactics now include the House panel’s subpoenaing of medical supply companies and laboratories as well as getting the names of individual researchers, laboratory technicians, and clerical staff. It’s having an impact. Last month, Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York said, “It’s one step further than McCarthyism, because McCarthy just threatened people’s jobs. They’re threatening people’s lives.”

Source, The Hill: Moulitsas: All-out war on women

OPINION | It’s become impossible for the GOP to hide it anymore.



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