A bad lawyer story: what not to wear to court

I was in court a couple of times in the last two weeks. I wore respectable work-type clothes.

What I didn’t wear was: a Thomas Jefferson costume. I never even thought of a Thomas Jefferson costume. Maybe I would have thought of a Sally Hemings gown, if I’d thought at all about dressing as if this were the very early 19th century.

But I didn’t. Yet this lawyer did: Court Unconvinced by Lawyer Dressed as Thomas Jefferson – Lowering the Bar.

The story is even crazier than the costume, since the lawyer had, very poorly, represented a client in a death penalty case and had failed utterly. You’ll want to read his statement about his representation because you’ll never hear it again from a lawyer’s lips:

Despite my knowledge that the jury had found my client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of double murder, I told the jury I thought the killer should be executed for the crimes. This argument was clearly prejudicial to my client, who the jury believed, as evidenced by their verdict, was the killer.

Kevin Underhill previously reported this story in Lowering the Bar and provides the link. This report is the final decision to disbar Tom J., oops, I mean Dennis Hawver.

What a relief!

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