A big boo-hiss to Zara, the Spanish clothing company

Zara tolerates racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic behavior by executives, a former attorney for the company said in a lawsuit.

Source: Fired lawyer sues Zara for $40M in discrimination suit – NY Daily News

I read this stuff and can’t believe this goes on in today’s world. Although of course this lawsuit will have to move through its process before we know exactly what happened — and how bad Zara executives might be — this is pretty disgusting stuff.

I’m sympathetic to the plaintiff but am particularly appalled at the racism directed at President and Mrs. Obama, displayed by Zara in internal communications and some vile pictures.

UPDATE 6/5/2015. Given that I’m currently working on an article called “How I Learned the Fact of Life,” i.e., how to read newspapers–about a great high school teacher who taught us how to pulls facts out of newspapers by mentally deleting prejudicial words and phrases, and then by comparing one newspaper account with another…

Here is a second, confirming report about the lawsuit against Zara–this one from a legal newsletter(?) called Corporate Counsel, which I got via the New York Law Journal. If you like, you can compare this authoritative legal report to the more colorful tabloid Daily News report.

Ian Miller sued fashion retailer Zara USA Inc., claiming the company took discriminatory actions because he is Jewish, homosexual and from the U.S.

Source: Ex-GC Says Zara Discriminated Because He’s Gay and Jewish

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