A bit of animal news from today’s Daily News…and NYT

His name is Stan. He is a T-Rex. You can bid for him at Christie’s on October 6.

I’m thinking, lawn ornament.

P.S. The Daily News has this smart-wicked thing. If I manage to copy a pic from it and stick it in here, it manages to erase the pic the following day. Since I believe we all should take a look at Stan before the auction, here’s the New York Times story.

Stan, the T. rex that is visible from the windows of Christie’s flagship location on 49th Street, at Rockefeller Center.

Stan himself can be viewed at Rockefeller Center, in the 49th Street window of Christie’s. Rumor has it he’s very big.

Meanwhile, I discussed Stan with my friend Easy, who thought I should bid for him. I mentioned that my sister has a lawn big enough, probably, and Easy said, “Aren’t you generous enough to buy Stan for your sister?”

I thought about it, thought about how much my sister’s dogs, Bohdi and Layla, would enjoy chasing each other through Stan’s legs and decided that a bid of $200 would not strain my finances. And I’ll pay for the shipping.

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