A brave civil rights lawyer gets punched in the nose

Normally I don’t report on the doings of lawyers, per se. Nor do I report on criminal cases and defense lawyers. But this piece about Ron Kuby in the Daily News needs to be reiterated on Sidebar.

I knew Ron slightly and always liked and respected him, since he took on difficult, pro bono cases that most lawyers were glad to back away from. Of course, he was mentored by and partnered with Bill Kunstler, so his brass balls came with the partnership.

Mostly, though, I remember something he said once, during a brief interview in the New York Times. He was asked how he could defend notorious, evil clients like cop killers. (I’m transliterating because I can’t quote his exact words, but:) “If I wanted to defend real criminals,” Ron said, “I’d be a corporate attorney.”

For that sentiment alone, here’s a story about Ron:

Attorney Ron Kuby beat up in Chelsea after telling howling homophobe to pipe down – NY Daily News.

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