A brilliant idea for gun regulation

Andrea and I were sitting up on my roof deck nibbling sandwiches and drinking tea yesterday, when she told me about an idea a friend of hers had for gun control:

Before anyone can buy a gun, that person must have an interlocution consisting of an extended Q&A, followed by permission in the form of a personal code number of no fewer than 35 digits…given by a customer service employee at Comcast.

She suggests this after having attempted to get a real human being on Comcast’s service line and having had the patience to hold on for three hours, at which time she lost it and hung up.

I’ll amend this brilliant thought: any such customer service center would do. Have you ever tried to get a Verizon person on the telephone? Actually, have you ever tried to find the customer service telephone number from the Verizon website? If you have, let me have it, will you?


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