A bunch of lawsuits against one weird dude

I found yesterday’s NYT story, written by Charles Bagli, about “a former mogul and philanthropist,” absolutely fascinating.

Maybe because the guy is 84 years old, has a full head of hair (maybe too full, in my opinion — take a look at the photo), and is, as the Times puts it, soliciting charity in a flagrant, fairly strange way — he sent letters to parents of children who will be attending a summer camp, saying, “I’m faced with creditors who are trying to take away my home…I need your financial help to save my home and to clean up the mess so I can start making a living.”

He also sent the letter to a high-flying group of rich people. The whole story is so peculiar. And of course the name “Ponzi” comes up.

I think we all love tales about people who rise from nothingness and achieve muchness, and then sink down to worse than nothingness, but who maintain their chutzpah (along with their hair).

Take a read.

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