A clutch of lawsuits reported in the Daily News

All this bounty from the June 29, 2011 Daily News:

Bullsuit! Busts leg, blames bar. A failed urban cowboy is suing Johnny Utah’s [did any of us New Yorkers know that we had a bull bar in Rockefeller Center?] after he busted his shinbone while being heaved from the mechanical bull at the Rockefeller Center watering hole…

“The ride was about to commence,” said Neil Fuhrer, a lawyer for Haynes. “And as he was seating himself on the bull, they cranked it up and threw him off.”

‘Sipped wine while dogs bit’ suit. An upper East Side woman is suing the San Francisco man who she says kicked back in a chair and sipped wine while his dogs attacked her.

Margarita Moore was wearing just a bathing suit [on a lawn in the Hamptons] when the two dogs pounced on her…she became a victim of a “hostile and unprovoked attack” by the “vicious, violent, aggressive and uncontrolled” pooches.

John Roe, the pets’ owner, was “sitting in a chair, drinking wine and watching his dogs attack [Moore],” the suit says.

Do you believe the defendant’s name? If you’re suing people whose names you don’t know, you sue John Doe, and after using up the name “Doe,” you go on to Richard Roe.

So now back to that Brooklyn neighborhood, where neighbors are battling over a 3-foot strip of land in between their houses.

Poetic justice for feuding B’klyn nabes. A Brooklyn judge [the accurately-described-as-legendary Jack Weinstein] applied some literary wisdom to help settle [this] dispute…

“Good fences makes good neighbors only when they agree on the line between their properties” [Weinstein wrote in his decision]… “Frost also noted, ‘Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.'” “And Gilbert Keith Chesterton has reportedly advised, ‘Don’t ever take a fence down until you have the reason why it was put up,'” the judge added.




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