A couple of funnies from the New York Times

Don’t know whether you read page 3 of the Times hard copy — the page which encapsulates stories in the day’s paper.

I look it over (that’s today’s euphemism for “skim”). And yesterday two items at the top of the page made me laugh. So what do I do when I laugh? I share it with you.

After a 2015 robbery in which a gang of graying thieves stole over $20 million worth of cash and jewelry in London, police officers found the book “Forensics for Dummies” at one suspect’s home.

BTW, the Times article headline uses the accurate word “burglary” to describe the crime, although the snippet and first sentence call it “robbery.” NYPD cops once explained the difference to me. If the thief uses a weapon when confronting the victim, it’s robbery; if not, it’s burglary. (The occasion for that explanation: I had been robbed, not burgled. Tell you that story some other time. It’s also funny, but it didn’t make the Times.)

And even more fun (and look at the big photo heading the article):

The strands of hair on the head of President Trump’s wax replica at Madame Toussaud’s in New York City are a mix of human and yak. (For his eyebrows: squirrel.)

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