A few good things

Through evidence in a January 6 Commission California court filing, reporters have published some shocking correspondence between one Trump lawyer and one Pence lawyer, arguing over the Trumpist’s absurd theories.  The headlines about this state (carefully) the Commission has found evidence leaning toward criminal conspiracy charges against TFG.

Hard to find anything “good” about what’s happening in Ukraine, but…Russia and Ukraine have agreed to establishing “humanitarian corridors” to war-afflicted areas. (I read this with my father’s words about Russia still in my ears: “Don’t trust them.”)

And sneaking into the Times’ reports about the devastation Russia is causing in Ukraine was this evaluation from the chair of our Joint Chiefs, General Milley:

STUTTGART, Germany — The Ukrainian military is conducting a hugely effective and “mobile” defense, using their innate knowledge of their home turf to stymie Russian forces on multiple fronts, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the top military adviser to President Biden, said early Thursday.

Although the strategic city of Kherson fell to Russia on Wednesday, officials said that Ukrainian forces were mounting battles up and down the Russian lines with what they described as a resourcefulness and creativity that could trip up Russian troops for weeks or months to come.

General Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the tactics employed by Ukrainian troops included using mobile weapons systems to bedevil the Russians wherever they could. Ukraine’s troops, he said, are “fighting with extraordinary skill and courage against Russian forces.”

In standing up to an invading country that dwarfs their own and demonstrating their willingness to die to protect it, “fighting Ukrainian people have become the eyes and ears of the world,” General Milley said.

AND, just picked this up, first from Brian Karem’s tweet and then, to confirm, from others:

A former Fox News producer, John Hanick, was just charged by prosecutors for violating US sanctions against Russia. Wow. I read on, just to make sure what I was absorbing was correct. It is correct.  This guy, an ex-producer for…guess who? Sean Hannity, has been arrested in London for allegedly violating sanctions against Russia by providing financial assistance to pro-Russian separatists fighting in Ukraine.


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