A Daily News reader’s “review” of the Mueller hearing

Makes more sense than the “reviews” from pundits.

Hicksville, L.I.: I’m getting really sick of the political pundits on both so-called liberal and conservative cable news channels telling me that the congressional hearings at which Robert Mueller testified were a disaster for the Democrats in their desire to hold this president accountable. How so? I heard Mueller tell the House committees that the 2016 presidential election was interfered with by a hostile foreign power. I heard Mueller tell those committees that the Trump campaign welcomed Russian interference and did what they could to encourage it. I heard Mueller tell those committees that President Trump and his minions did what they could to cover up their involvement with the Russians whenever FBI or congressional committees interviewed them. I also heard Mueller tell the House committees that Russia is absolutely still at it with the 2020 election in it’s sights and to date the Trump administration has done nothing about it. Were we looking for loud introductory music as Mueller entered the room? Pyrotechnics? Strobe lights? Congressional committee hearings are not supposed to be entertaining, they’re supposed to be informative. Information requires facts. Facts were present at those committee hearings. Steven Malinofsky

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