A federal court decision that kept teasing at me…

I read through John Ross’s summary of federal court decisions on the Volokh Report blog, looking, as always, for something that grabbed me.

Oh, there were a few. But in the end I decided none of them was curious enough to print here.

Several hours passed. I was wiling away my afternoon on Twitter, when something popped up in my head. This is it, below. See if you feel the way I did about it:

Intelligence officer works long hours managing high stress situation—Edward Snowden. She’s diagnosed with depression; her once “outstanding” performance deteriorates. She takes medical leave, is recommended for another position by an interview panel but is blocked by management. Fourth Circuit: Her claim that the agency interfered with her ability to take FMLA medical leave ought to go to trial.

I don’t manage a high stress situation, but Edward Snowden drives me nuts, too. And I’m sitting far, far away from him.

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