A few good things

In Memphis, Pamela Moses, a Black woman who was sentenced to six years in prison for a voting error, will now get a new trial. Ms. Moses has been incarcerated since December but is finally being released. Every time I’ve been reminded of this outrage, I’ve yelled. I think I can breathe now.

Ketanji Brown Jackson. And, although these good things haven’t happened yet…there is now an empty seat on the D.C. Circuit for Biden to fill. How good would it be if he nominated Hon. Michelle Childs to fill Judge Jackson’s seat?

A scoop from CNN tech reporters: “The FCC has launched a sweeping review of the companies it regulates, hunting for ownership ties to Russia in a possible prelude to a clampdown. The assessment in coordination with DOJ and DHS covers all FCC licensees.” Comment from me: You know who holds some licenses? Like Rupert Murdoch? ooh ooh ooh ooh.

Tonight in New York City…


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