A few keen words about Eagles fans and the demonic double bird

Oh, not from me. I’ve never been to a game at the Philadelphia Eagles’ stadium, the Linc. But Saquon Barkley has. Several times. Born in the Bronx, he grew up in Pennsylvania so he knows some things.

In advance of Saturday’s NFL playoff game between the Eagles and the visiting Giants, Saquon made remarks, a few of which had to do with Philly fans, who are infamously…I don’t know what to call them. Loud, outrageous, projectile-inclined, uncouth, maybe even dangerous, although I get all my info from anecdotes. Maybe Philly PD has docketed some fan activity but I don’t read the Philly papers. I read New York’s Daily News.

Where, today, Saquon talked about Philly fans. His comments demonstrate his keen powers of observation, his Bronx-influenced intellect and a dry sense of humor.

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