A First Amendment lawsuit over a food truck at Saratoga Racetrack

Here’s an interesting civil rights lawsuit story from Thomas Kaplan at the New York Times:

At the start of the racing season at Saratoga Race Course, an aide to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo came across some information he found troubling: the racetrack was to be home to a food truck that, although well-regarded for its pulled pork and brisket, also featured an ethnic slur in its name.

The aide dashed off an e-mail to the New York Racing Association, the state-controlled track operator, warning that the truck’s name, the Wandering Dago, was “a problem waiting to blow up.” Seven hours later, the racing association ordered the food truck off its premises.

Now, that July eviction is the subject of a First Amendment lawsuit, pitting the free speech rights of the sandwich sellers against the state’s right to protect visitors from offense.

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