“A Fun Quiz on Military-Style Police Tactics”

This Lowering the Bar post will knock you out. Possibly literally. You will not believe how our new police state is utilizing all those major toys they got to play with after the Twin Towers catastrophe.

I say: SWAT the overkillers! And as an advocate of appropriately corrective lawsuits, I hope a lot of these people sued.

But you’ll want to read the whole story from Kevin Underhill, who’ll tell you whether you answered the quiz correctly, and then will describe all the real-life incidents listed in the quiz.

Today’s Quiz:

You should find this one more difficult than the previous quiz.

Police did not carry out an aggressive, military-style raid to accomplish which of the following purposes?

(a) To find the source of a parody Twitter feed

(b) To check a bar for underage drinkers

(c) To recover a large number of overdue library books

(d) To enforce copyright law against a DJ

(e) To check whether barbers had valid barbering licenses

(f) To apprehend Tibetan monks who overstayed their visas

(g) They did that in all these cases

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