A great crib sheet to “No collusion! No collusion!”

Bless the New York Times.

Just at the moment when a lot of us are having a new type of emotional disturbance over our Horror — no government, no president, awful things being done — because we are getting desperate for something to happen, fast…

The Times did a really marvelous sort of card file of real and potential Mueller targets and subjects.

Not only does it catch us up on the wild variety of characters involved, including all the merry Russians, it links each to his and her role in the debacle.

Lots of fun stuff you can do with this lineup:

I’m sure you can devise more games from this astounding collection of reprobates, scoundrels and dimwits.

The good news? None of them, even bunched in a conspiracy with the rest of them, has the smarts to overturn our system of government.

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