A lawsuit that has it all (for me): politics, a rich slumlord & lawsuits

Here’s a guy who’s running for the NYS Senate on the Republican ticket. And he’s a bum! He owns NYC buildings he allows to rot. “City officials have gone to court at least five times since 1998 to address ‘nuisance’ issues in Manhattan buildings owned by Bob Cohen…

“Tenants in some of his 29 buildings also complain of mice, roaches and a state of disrepair.” (I hope the tenants know about Housing Court, where they can turn the bedeviling tables on their landlord.)

Oh, and then there’s the gambling dens, and related NYPD investigations “resulting in numerous arrests between 2008 and 2010.”

This bum, though, lives in a particularly wealthy area of Westchester.

“The city has issued a myriad of complaints and violations against his buildings — though not serious enough to land him on the city public advocate’s slumlord watch list.”

Well, he’s on mine. (And P.S. you’re not voting for him, right?)

Another great Daily News headline (piece is by Kenneth Lovett): State Senate candidate Bob Cohen has ‘slum’ nerve, say his tenants – NY Daily News.

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