A lawyer’s second career

Over all the years I’ve known lawyers, I became aware that most of them no longer wanted to be lawyers, if they ever really did. In fact, a lot of them just disliked law. I couldn’t understand it. I found law fascinating and challenging.

I don’t know if it’s unusual. Maybe most people with professional careers want to be something else. But I did find it striking that many lawyers wanted to, well, run off and join the circus. That is, they wanted to do something creative.

And some of them did. But I have never known of a lawyer to advance into a career as wildly entertaining and strangely creative as this one I just picked up on Bloomberg Law. Meet a lawyer named Todd Neufeld, who left intellectual property law for …. no, no. You’re going to have to see for yourself.

And listen, too, because he talks about how much useful stuff he got out of law school.

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