A master consumer boycott list

It’s longer than usual but then it tags corporations who, despite demurrals about giving bucks to the GOP after January 6, 2021…came right back into the giving mode.

CREW provided us with this list. A number of corporations are not available to us for rejection. I mean, I’m not sure how I’d handle learning the plane I was riding in, or various parts of that plane, were produced by Boeing. Or Lockheed.

And, distressingly, Big Pharma, including the companies that produced the COVID vaccines and one, Pfizer, which is saving lives with their Paxlovid pills, are on the list. We can’t do what the stupid people are doing and decry science, although for radically different reasons.

What a bummer.

Still, though, there are PLENTY of companies a lot of us can easily reject as we go about our daily lives. Why use FedEx and UPS, when the USPS is far less expensive and just as fast? I’m about to buy a new iron at Bed Bath & Beyond. I was looking at a Black and Decker. No more. They’re on the payola list.

Scroll a bit down this link to read the full list.

It’s disheartening, though. Before Citizens United, I had the idea that companies had lots of lobbyists — whom they paid royally — to importune congresspeople for support. I knew one of those lobbyists. He was out and about, dropping the names of important politicians he knew, doing other things with them.

Is it possible that corporations are not happy that, in order to compete with their competitors, they not only have to employ lobbyists but give money directly to political campaign funds?

It’s all ugly. The estimable Sheldon Whitehouse, Democratic Senator from Rhode Island, has been working on making dark money donors disclose where the money is coming from. Like, maybe, Saudi Arabia?

So let’s go back to Alito. (Is Alito embroiled in everything awful?)

Do you remember when, during President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union address, Obama said something about which Alito was shown shaking his head and muttering, “Not true.” That is, he was calling President Obama a liar.

Do you remember what Obama said that caused Alito’s unprofessional, contemptible and sullen remark? I do. Obama criticized Citizens United as potentially opening the door to foreign money and, ergo, foreign influence in our elections.

As the 2016 election, the Mueller Report and other newsworthy upheavals have demonstrated, President Obama was right. We have reason to believe numbers of our GOP politicians have been bought or kompromatted by Putin.

If we citizens can’t personally stop Russian and Saudi money from flowing into the GOPs’ backpacks, we can certainly punish consumer brands which support the wrong people.

And we can vote. Bad money may be buying politicians but it isn’t buying us. It can’t buy our votes.

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