“A Mother in Jail for Helping Her Daughter Have an Abortion”

Yesterday, I began to review the numerous articles I’d clipped and stored here, running as far back as 2010. Obviously, many of them no longer prompted me to comment so I hit the delete button.

But then there was this. Written by Emily Bazelon for the New York Times, it is dated September 22, 2014. That long ago.

Yet it is awfully timely and horribly prescient. You could think it happened yesterday. It will certainly happen tomorrow, given that it concerns the dual medication combination of mifepristone (formerly called RU-486) and misoprostol, which the mother obtained for her daughter on line because there was no nearby access to an abortion clinic and Pennsylvania laws regarding abortion particularly burdened rural and poor women.

Read it. “A Mother in Jail for Helping Her Daughter Have an Abortion.”

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