A news story that brought out the WHAT? in me

It doesn’t happen every day, when I scroll down through the New York Times to see what’s doing all over the place. But once in a while I read a headline — and subsequently the story — that startles me and tickles the dark comedy segment of my soul.

And today, I found one — how a prosecutor in Pennsylvania was moonlighting as a DoorDash delivery dude. Actually, “moonlighting” is incorrect: he was making his deliveries in sunlight, i.e., during work hours.

Here’s the meat, so to speak, of the story. And do note this guy’s annual salary as a prosecutor.

Gregg Shore prosecuted high-profile cases in a suburb of Philadelphia, earning a six-figure salary and reaching the second-highest post in a district attorney’s office.

He also made DoorDash deliveries during work hours, an infraction that resulted in his demotion this week and a sharp reprimand from the district attorney.

Mr. Shore, who had been an assistant district attorney in Bucks County, Pa., admitted to making a mistake in an interview with KYW Radio, the station that broke the news. He did not publicly disclose his reasons for taking the side job, saying they were personal.

Mr. Shore could not immediately be reached for comment. He earned $125,435 in 2019, according to public records.

Bucks County is a very wealthy area. Maybe the tips were better than the salary.

How did he do it? I mean, when he was in court doing his first job, did he glance at his watch and ask the judge for an adjournment? Or did he screw up one day and make a DoorDash lunch delivery to the judge herself?

So many reasons why this story could be extended into a comedic film.

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