A piece of good news: the first trial against the Capitol assaulters starts on Monday

It looks to be an exemplary one, especially if you read about this defendant’s actions and statements in the New York Times:

In a letter obtained by ProPublica last spring, Mr. [Guy Wesley] Reffitt wrote of the attack, “There was no insurrection, no conspiracy, no sinister plan and no reason to think otherwise.”

On Thursday, a message purportedly written by Mr. Reffitt was posted on the “J6 Patriot News” channel on Telegram, discussing the “beginning of the 1/6 Political Prisoner Trials.”

“I am prepared to stare down the barrel of tyranny to receive the bullet of freedom,” the message said.

Okay, then. Stare away, Guy Wesley Reffitt. We’re staring right back atcha. Because…

At the heart of Mr. Reffitt’s case is the accusation that the defendant, an oil industry worker with purported ties to a Texas militia, obstructed the work of Congress on Jan. 6, 2021, when a joint session of the House and the Senate met to certify the results of the 2020 election. Prosecutors say he donned body armor and a helmet mounted with a video camera, and placed himself at “the front of the pack” that charged the Capitol.

Oh, and he had a pistol at his hip.

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