A potential wrongful termination lawsuit over…homophones?

This bit of crazy, mind-blowing, absurdist ignorance − which should, must, turn into a wrongful termination lawsuit −from Lowering the Bar:

Well, Somebody Doesn’t Know What “Homophones” Are

It’s either Clarke Woodger, who reportedly fired an employee for blogging about them, or people for whom English is a second language. It is plausible to think many in the latter group might not know what “homophones” are, but to join Team Woodger you must also believe that those people (1) would know enough English to recognize “homo” and (2) are also stupid enough to think it is always associated with sexuality.

That’s what Woodger believes, according to Tim Torkildson, who says he was fired from his job at Nomen Global Language Center after he wrote a blog post for the company site explaining what “homophones” are. The post itself is now gone, but Torkildson told the Salt Lake Tribune he was “careful to write a straightforward explanation of homophones” because he knew part of the word could be, as the Tribune put it, “politically charged.”

Yes, you’ve understood that correctly: the boss of the − and let me emphasize the key word here − Nomen Global Language Center − fired his presumably better-educated employee for blogging a correct definition of “homophone.”

Doesn’t he know that if you fire somebody because you’re prejudiced against homophones you could wind up being the defendant in a wrongful termination lawsuit?

Here’s the full story: Well, Somebody Doesn’t Know What “Homophones” Are – Lowering the Bar.

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