A problem for Trump I hadn’t known about

Maybe I read too much news, too many columns, too many tweets.

Yeah, well. Let’s say I’m getting experienced in skimming over news and comments I’ve already read.

Thus, I was intrigued to pick up what follows, from a short David Frum Atlantic piece I just read.  (Not only do I subscribe to the Atlantic itself, I seem to have subscribed myself to several daily postings.)

Frum, an interesting guy whose politics I normally would scowl at, has been so penetratingly anti-Trump, my scowls have turned to semi-smiles lately. Today he did a non-Biblical decalogue-listicle (ooh, I haven’t used the word “listicle” for a couple of years. Does it still exist as a thing?) of challenges the GOP now has, what with Trump’s doings and the political map. Et cetera.

Most of these problems I knew about. This one, though, I hadn’t. I think it’s a biggie:

Donors are hearing that funds donated to the Republican National Committee and other party funds have been used to pay the personal legal bills of the supposedly super-rich Trump family—and that more such spending is probably on the way.

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