A rock ‘n’ roll lawsuit

I’ve typed my fingers to the bone here, in copying the Daily News’s “He sues bandmate to the tune of $2M,” by Shayna Jacobs and Ginger Adams Otis.

The reason? Because I’ve never heard of this band. I know I’m well past the point of following this stuff but still…

Longtime Gogol Bordello guitarist and songwriter Oren Kaplan filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday against mustached frontman Eugene Hutz, saying the raspy-voiced singer tried to cut him out of the group and its profits.

Kaplan said in court documents that he’s also suing on behalf of Gypsy Punks LLC, the band’s corporation. Kaplan’s suit accuses Hutz of funneling $500,000 from band accounts without permission into other corporations he set up and giving himself a six-figure salary ā€” all while trying to boot Kaplan to keep other profits for himself.

Kaplan wants $950,000 in personal damages plus $950,000 for the band. Lawyers didn’t respond to calls for comment.

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