A tale of two tails

Yesterday afternoon, as I was departing for some shopping, I ran into a neighbor who was accompanied by two fluffy dogs.

We paused to chat. I’m awkward in asking about breeds and such because many of the dogs I see are clearly not a single breed. But on the other hand, I’m awkward about saying something like, “Oh, is he a Labradoodle?” in case I’m flat wrong and will be insulting the owner and the pooch.

Also, can’t anyone mix up Labradoodles from Goldendoodles? I mean, why not?

So I asked her. And now I forgot which –doodles the dogs were but they were a beautiful golden color.

Now here’s the odd part. The dogs (I forgot to ask their names, bad me) looked exactly alike. Except one of them was half the size of the other. The small one was not a puppy, I could see that.

My neighbor laughed and told me they’d gotten both dogs from the same breeder who had assured them that the small one would grow to be 25 pounds, about the size of the larger of the two. But it didn’t.

So now I’m so confused I doubt I’ll even bother to ask the breed(s) of any dog I see. I think I’ll just say “Hi, you gorgeous fluffy puppy,” and leave it at that.


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