A thought about what’s going on in the House…

Because the Terrible Twenty, dopey chaos merchants all, are also, I believe, among those congresspeople who voted against certification of Joe Biden two years ago.

A short while ago, the last voting round dropped the Twenty down to seven. I’m wondering how many of these people will prove to be implicated criminally in the January 6 assault. How many of them gave directions to mob members, were texting encouragement?

I’m looking at what’s been happening in the House in two possible ways.

First, a bunch of 4-year-olds at a birthday party who are getting a kick out of being hysterical and don’t know how to stop.

Or second, a number of them know they’re being investigated and fear they’ll be indicted, so they’re making as much noise as they can, getting all the attention they can, before they’re arrested.

It’s a thought.

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