“A Tiger, A Truck Stop and a Pitched Legal Battle”

Great thanks to Campbell Robertson at the New York Times for an … enchanting? weird? funny and slightly scary? story about a lawsuit. Oh and PS you get a neat photo of a live, real tiger. Named Tony.

Let me offer the first couple of paragraphs:

Grosse Tete [which BTW means “fat head”], La. — The American truck stop is a promise of certain reliables: a shower, a warm meal, some small talk at the counter, a 24/7 source of diesel, beef jerky and cigarettes.

The truck stop here just west of Baton Rouge offers all those things, but as most southern Louisianians know, it has another less standard feature: a 550-pound Bengal Siberian tiger.

Tony is only the latest in a line of tigers to live here. Thirteen cubs were born at the truck stop, and several adult tigers brought in including a white tiger named Salena who died of pancreatic cancer in the early 2000s and is now stuffed and sitting in the Tiger Cafe atop the salad bar.

That’s the part that got me laughing. A stuffed tiger sitting on top of a salad bar?

Anyway, it all involves a lawsuit—my excuse for posting this. Please read on. You’ll love it. Although I don’t know whether you’ll be heading down to Grosse Tete and Tony any time soon. Not even to dip into that salad bar.

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