A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for the Koch Brothers

Following Paul Krugman’s short, sharp column on Gary Johnson and the “libertarian” platform he ascribes to, here are two more intelligent essays on Johnson, pointing out that his ideals for government are antithetical to everything progressives and millennials who support Bernie Sanders’ ideals hope for.

In short, see my title above. And read both of these pieces. You’ll understand why I call the “libertarian” big money sales pitch the Koch Brothers final solution to democracy:

He’s attracting a lot of support from Millennials. But why?

Source, Judd Legum, ThinkProgress: The myth of Gary Johnson


Gary Johnson emphasizes marijuana legalization and his anti-war stance. But voters may be unaware of his links to the radical right and the Koch brothers.

Source, Adele Stan, The National Memo: 12 Ways Gary Johnson Is A Hardcore Right-Wing Radical

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