A warning for co-op apartment sellers…and buyers

Yesterday’s Daily News catches us up on the Affaire Huguette Clark, the hugely wealthy, hugely reclusive, hugely strange heiress who died last May, at 104.

Her estate thought they’d sold her several Fifth Avenue apartments. Uh-uh. Even those of us who aren’t massively rich should be alerted: co-op boards of directors (that is, legitimate ones who don’t breach multiple sections of Business Corporation Law and/or all the others laws that govern New York City co-ops) have a lot of power.

Please appreciate the witty headline:

Sheikh-down at Clark apts.

An upper East Side co-op board blocked the Prime Minister of Qatar’s $31.5 million bid to snap up two apartments owned by a recently deceased heiress.

The estate of copper heiress Huguette Clark was set to sell the two prime pads to Sheikh Hama Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani. But the board of 907 Fifth Ave. told the sheikh it was no dice, real estate sources said.

Clark died last May at 104, leaving behind three lavish apartments; one, listed at $24 million, sold last month.

Hamad has been scouting the city for more than a year for digs to accommodate himself, two wives and fifteen children. His offer was $500,000 over the asking price, but the board at the 97-year-old building overlooking Central Park felt the Middle Eastern bigwig would be a hassle, the sources said. — Jason Sheftell and Erin Durkin


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