A weird collection of animal news (oddly including Donald Trump)

From Harper’s Findings, February 2019. I’ve bolded what needed to be bolded. I had things to say about some of these really weird ones (were they inscribed by a horror movie screenwriter wanna-be?) but realized you’d be saying them yourselves so I leave it to you to comment.

Ravens may be able to plan without thinking, and jackdaws act cautiously when they notice an inanimate stick moving on its own.

The closest remaining genetic trace of the domesticated dog that lived in the Americas before European contact is preserved as a transmissible cancer.

Fluid-dynamics researchers explained why wombats’ feces are cubed.

Scientists issued extinction warnings for thousands of species, including sharks and rays threatened by overfishing and coastal construction; the Australian rat kangaroo, threatened by land clearing, wildfires, and feral cats; the San Quintín kangaroo rat, threatened by conditions that previously led scientists to presume it was already extinct; a giant Mediterranean clam threatened by a mystery parasite; and a variety of rare bees threatened by Donald Trump.


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