A witty company name; “Get Smart” redux?; and Trump’s docs

A few days ago, I saw a brand new, white service van outside my building. On its side was painted a company name in modest-sized lettering:


Heating and Cooling


On my walk through the woods — a short-cut path from West End Ave to Amsterdam — I approached a fragile, elderly man in a wheelchair. He was so slumped over I wondered if he were napping or dying.

Had he been isolated, I might have asked him if he was all right, but several other elderly people were sitting on a bench quite nearby. I figured they had him in their sights.

He wasn’t dying. As I was about to pass him, I heard him murmur, “OK, see you later.”

He was talking into his wrist watch.

I have an honest question. Is there really such a thing as a cell phone watch, or was this guy in a retro delusion that he was Maxwell Smart?


If the classified documents the FBI removed from Mar-A-Lago were damaging, derogatory or humiliating to Trump, he would’ve destroyed them before leaving the White House.

The only reason he would have hoarded those documents was to make use of them — to bribe, blackmail or, most likely, sell them.

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