A word I want to banish

We all have those words, don’t we? The words we never want to hear again, especially when they’re being smacked into sentences, just because.

My word today is…ICONIC. And my objection was kicked off when I read an item in the West Side Rag about the New York City Triathlon.

The what? Did I even know there was such an event here in New York?

I know about triathlons mostly because they show up in abbreviated form as crossword puzzle clues. But if you ask me what the “tri” refers to, I’d have to think for a minute or so before identifying the three athletic events comprising the “tri.”

Anyway, please read what follows and see what you think of the use of the [I’m never going to say it again…unless I use it with scrupulous care and accuracy] word:

The New York City Triathlon took place on Sunday, but it did not have its usual Upper West Side route. The nearly 2,000 people that competed did not start the race in customary fashion by jumping into the Hudson River.

Due to water-quality concerns following the rain and flooding on Friday, the swimming portion of the NYC Triathlon was canceled and the athletes kicked the race off on land. The competitors began with a short run, then a 25-mile bike ride, and finished with a 6.2 mile run through Central Park.

“Everyone trains for probably a year leading up to it and it’s iconic to be in the Hudson looking over and seeing New York City passing by you, so it is a little sad,” Upper West Sider Laura Dunn told CBS News.

Wait wait. Does it make sense if you’re in the Hudson River, presumably a-swim rather than, say, a-drown, that New York City is passing by you? Unless Manhattan shifts perceptibly as part of the triathlon, methinks it’s the other way around.

Am I being too mean?

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