A workplace sexual harassment lawsuit. With a few wrinkles.

Here’s the Daily News headline:

“Boss, you’re supposed to make ARMANI pants — not drop them.”

The boss is a woman named Laura Giulini. And there’s a full-length picture of her. I have to say, I really don’t like what she’s wearing. The skirt fabric looks gorgeous but the cut doesn’t look good on her. And the jacket! And the underneath thing! And those awful high-heeled sparkly sandals worn with black pantyhose or something. Dumpy. It’s all dumpy.

I don’t know. Everybody involved this case is an ex. There’s Kelle Azzopardi, an ex-employee and there’s Giulini, an ex-senior vice prez of Armani. Lots of exes.

Here’s the piece by Barbara Ross, Kerry Burke and Bill Hutchinson. I’m sure there are more puns and witticisms in here, somewhere. I should have a find-the-pun contest, shouldn’t I? (You noticed my “wrinkles” pun in my own headline?)

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