A yippee lawsuit against the New York Post

As published, of course, in the Daily News:

Suit vs. Post is OK’d

A lawsuit filed against the New York Post by a former editor who claimed she was fired because she complained about a controversial political cartoon can head to trial, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Sandra Guzman, who was editor of the Post’s Tempo magazine, sued the newspaper and Editor-in-Chief Col Allan in 2009. The judge dismissed parent company News Corp. from the suit.

She said she was harassed by her bosses due to her race and gender and was wrongfully fired. The newspaper said it let Guzman go when it shut down Tempo due to poor ad sales. The cartoon depicted a slain chimpanzee that many interpreted as a reference to President Obama.

‘We look forward to presenting the truth about the remaining charges — which are completely unfounded — to a jury,” the Post said in a statement. — Daniel Beekman

Don’t you just love it when Murdoch’s minions fervently defend their First Amendment right to be louses?

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