Abortion as evidence in New York custody case

Apparently, this judge’s decision has caused a huge stink: Judge’s decision to allow Lisa Mehos’ abortion to be used as evidence in New York custody case causes stir – NY Daily News.

Here’s how the Daily News article begins:

A holy war broke out in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday over a judge’s decision to allow testimony about a woman’s abortion to be used against her in an ugly custody case.

Lisa Mehos’ lawyer, Emily Jane Goodman, told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lori Sattler her decision to allow the evidence about her client’s procedure — which happened after her split from banking big Manuel John Mehos — was “scandalous and outrageous.”

“This might go over well in Texas or Mississippi, but not here,” Goodman said.

The explosive topic was first raised last week by Manuel Mehos’ lawyer, Eleanor Alter, who discovered it after subpoenaing his ex-wife’s medical records. She used it in an apparent attempt to paint Lisa Mehos as a hypocrite for having asked to have custody of their two young kids over Easter weekend in 2012.

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