About all these protests…

I think protests are fine, a virtual necessity and sign of become adult and sharing the responsibilities and concerns of their fellow citizens and our immediate world. Don’t kill or main anybody and you’re good with me.*

But I have questions. Like, what are the protesters’ aims? I mean practical aims. Are they trying to win the rest of us over to their point of view? If so, does their methodology work?

What do they want me to do with their protest grievances? If offing Jews are on the top of the list, well, you’ll understand why I’m not in support of that item.

Thus I found what follows, from Harper’s Weekly Review, similarly bewildering, maybe even a model for questions about protests. Like…huh? Also, laughter.

In London, two octogenarian “Just Stop Oil” protesters used a hammer and chisel to break the glass around the Magna Carta, a 13th-century document that the travel site Lonely Planet describes as “still-powerful.”** Around 800 anticapitalist “Disrupt” protesters attempted to break into a Tesla factory in Germany, and four members of Extinction Rebellion interrupted the Westminster dog show agility course. “We disrupt things we love,” said one of the climate protesters.

*I don’t blame protesters for police actions against them.

**”Still-powerful”??? Would Lonely Planet like to re-phrase that?



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