Actual animal news re sheep, a horse, a moose and super pigs

From Harper’s Weekly Review, a small series on possibly pissed off animals:

Nearly 20 sheep escaped from a seminary in Minnesota. A horse drove its carriage into four cars in New York. “This moose has brought so much joy to so many people and so much hope,” said a Minnesota resident about Rutt, a moose on the loose who is being tracked across the country. “The only path forward is you have to be really aggressive and you have to use all the tools in the toolbox,” said a leading authority on the management of Canadian “super pigs,” which are nearing the United States…

Apart from the tools in his toolbox, does the “super pig” authority have advice about what we should do with Canadian super pigs?

A more interesting question is what the congressional MAGA crowd will do about this immigrant invasion from the North? I’d suggest impeachment. They’re so well-versed on the procedure.


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