Addendum to “I am really pissed”

Pissed about the New York mayoral campaign, that is.

Well, apart from that, I’ve been reading letters to editors and tweets from people with a central theme. Which is, that the candidates running for New York’s City Hall are an unimpressive bunch.

Oh yeah? Well, people, we don’t get to pre-select candidates for political office — that is, we can’t choose candidates before the primary campaign.

Who does that candidate pre-selection? The candidates themselves. They have to want to run for the office. They can’t be shoved onto ballots. Do you want reluctant candidates who sort of walk through a political campaign, with all it entails? I don’t. I want people who enthusiastically take on all a campaign entails, including unpleasant aspects like raising money, because they’re enthusiastic about becoming mayor.

Sure, you can always write in your next door neighbor but that isn’t real voting, is it? That is most likely throwing your vote away, so why bother with this democracy-voting deal if you don’t care enough to use it?

To sum up, we get to vote in the primaries only for the people who are actually running for the office.

And do not carp to me, for one, about your ho-hum impression of the candidates. You’re not a casting director for a new TV show called City Hall. (Wasn’t there a show called that once?)

A political campaign is not a TV show, reality, sit com or surreality.

Didn’t we recently learn all this and go nuts with the consequences?

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