Again I ask: does Big Dark Money work?

Well, gee, apparently not if you hand all that money to Senator Rick Scott to spend on the upcoming elections.

It’s so odd. Back in his previous incarnation as a health company oligarch, Scott defrauded Medicare of a ton of money. So, like all highly successful, sort of criminal, businessmen who decide they should establish a second career as a politician, Scott should know what to do with money. Except it would seem like all highly successful businessmen he isn’t intelligent.

Anyway, I’m still of the hopeful opinion this election will prove whether Big Dark Money can affect voters. Or not.

I’m thinking Or Not.

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One Response to Again I ask: does Big Dark Money work?

  1. Marty Friedman says:

    Naomi I think this is going to be. a battle not of ideas or ideology but of mountains of money as we discussed recently I could stand aside and not join in this battle for the future or the seas pool the we find ourselves mired in but my moral compass pushes me toward making financial contributions and hoping more of “us” will put up and not shut up

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