Age discrimination lawsuit v ex-CEO of Children’s Aid Society

The Daily News has been jumping on our new Mayor de Blasio. Therefore, this piece about an age discrimination lawsuit against someone who is not Bill de Blasio or his administration sports a headline that mentions de Blasio first.

Ah well. Have I yet passed on the lessons I learned as a senior in high school, in Larry Fink’s problems in American democracy class, about how to read newspapers? No? Maybe I’ll do that soon. But until then De Blasio deputy mayor named in age discrimination suit from when he was CEO of Children’s Aid Society  – NY Daily News. begins:

A former vice president of the Children’s Aid Society in Manhattan says the nonprofit organization’s former CEO, now a deputy mayor in the de Blasio administration, fired her because of her age.

Patricia Grayson, 61, claims Richard Buery frequently told her, “We need to hire 20-something energetic women from the Robin Hood Foundation . . .” and later let Grayson go despite recognizing her success as a fund-raiser.

Grayson worked at the society for nearly 24 years and was its vice president for development when she lost her job on July 26, 2013, according to an age discrimination lawsuit filed Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court.

The executive, who says she refused a $240,967 severance agreement releasing the Society of all potential claims, says she was “beyond successful,” citing a nearly 32% increase in fund-raising from fiscal year 2010 to 2012.

That severance offer, if proven true, could weigh heavily against the Children’s Aid Society defense. And again it brings up the subject of settlement offers. In this case, unlike in the case of Will Blythe, the money was substantial, yet like in the case of Will Blythe, Ms. Grayson turned it down and filed the lawsuit.

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