Aha! Freedom Convoy USA 2022 is no more!

Well, I was in advance of this announcement, and then I was wrong, and now I’m sort of correct.

One of the trucker convoys is cancelling its trek due to serious depletion of its ranks. I’d love to say they’re dropping like flies but I will not be able to verify that in the near future.

It’s an entertaining image, isn’t it? A trucker convoy, and then highway exits and at every exit a truck or two peels off and disappears.

Didn’t know until now that this wasn’t one Mighty Trucker Convoy but a bunch of satellite convoys with names.

Still, two remaining convoys, the People’s Convoy and the Texas Convoy, thunder on. Convoy organizers recommend that any trucker who lost his convoy due to not enough trucks join up with the remaining convoys which themselves intend to merge before they get to Washington, D.C. Unless they, too, thin into non-existence.

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