“Alex Rodriguez’s Lawsuit Against Major League Baseball”

I am not a Yankee fan. I have never been a Yankee fan. I am not a fan of major league baseball because the league never negotiated a cap on salaries. If baseball was ever a team sport, it is no longer. In my mind, baseball is a big business hive with a group of multi-millionaire queen bees, rather than athletes, and teams (like the Yankees) who have enough money to buy themselves queens, and the titles that follow.

So I don’t have much interest in Alex Rodriguez. But the Times has published his lawsuit against major league baseball. Yeah, apparently he is grumpy about being the Suee and will feel better is he can say he’s the Suer. (I’m assuming this is his lawyer’s way of filing a countersuit against a league that has suspended him. Okay, whatever.)

Still, the Times published the actual Rodriguez summons and complaint. I thought you might like to see what these things look like. Here is what they look like: Alex Rodriguez’s Lawsuit Against Major League Baseball – Document – NYTimes.com.

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