All the lawsuit news fit to print: NYT confirms NYPL suit

Yes, a group of concerned citizens are suing the New York Public Library to stop the plans for “renovating” the main branch, getting rid of stacks and moving about a million books to Jersey. Where they will be available to us readers, but only after we put in an order and wait a couple of days. (Is part of the plan to run a pneumatic tube under the Hudson? That’d be fun to watch, as the books splurt out on the Manhattan side. I’m not going to Jersey to see them sucked in.)

Anyway, I did link this lawsuit story to the piece on the Daily News. Now I can confirm: yes, there is a lawsuit, and it is a lawsuit we now can take serious, because the story is in the New York Times:New York Public Library Is Sued Over Book Plan –

I think I’m initiating a new Sidebar policy today. If a lawsuit story is significant enough to appear in the Times, I’ll link only to the Times story. I’ll save the Daily News lawsuit links for all the other stuff, with all those puns.

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